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IntroductionUnit-2Management Assignment Help

Management is the manner in which the business tries and gets to the set goals and objectives by utilizing the available resources. One of the main challenges that we face here is that often the resources that we have in any business is limited and they have to be utilized in an efficient manner so that we can reach to the goal. There would be people who are from varied backgrounds and cultures that can result in difference in opinions that we have to deal with at the work place. This contrast in views and opinions may lead to the conflicts in an organization. Conflicts can become dangerous if not managed properly as it can hamper the team work and it can divide the teams. We have had many instances where the politics and the conflicts have created rifts within the team that ultimately affects the productivity of the business. Conflict free work place is a myth as there would be some friction between the employees in a free organization and this means that an ideal conflict free organization is the one that learns how to manage the conflicts that happen within the organization without affecting the productivity of the employees. This would require the top management to take a strong stance on the same and require them to project their man management skills in making sure that the issues are sorted out between the individuals and does not extend to a larger trouble. This is possible only if the company has an open culture and they are willing to listen to their employees problems.

Good man management is the key to the success of any business. It is an art of managing people from diverse culture and drives them to attain one common goal keeping the personal aspects aside. The businesses where the management has worked closely with the employees and has made a culture that is employee friendly has always thrived in the current business scenario where the companies are plagued with several issues like attrition and absenteeism. Employee relationships in the organization are one of the key driving factors that can improve the business as they are the ones who make the business successful. It is not that the monetary factors always motivate the employees to work for a particular organization. One has to make sure that the working environment and culture of the organization is conducive for business so that they can drive the employees to achieve the urge targets that they are driving them to achieve. One of the problems that we see in the modern day organization is that the communication channels are cut off and in some cases the departments are isolated from each other thus resulting in a clear gap of communication between the employees. A good manager will always give priority to having a clear communication between various parties in an organization and create channels for the same. In the wake of conflicts that are bound to arise in any organization, they would try and clear it out in the public in a transparent manner and at the same time they would give both the parties the freedom to express their views and opinions in the forum. Managers need to have a pro active approach towards the same and hence they should identify the signs of a conflict in a working environment and take the necessary steps t avoid the same rather than waiting for the things to boil up and get escalated to them. This would give the employees also a sense of comfort that the management is concerned about their well being (Fynes, 2005, pg 38).

The style of management also matter a lot while determining the effect that these conflicts will have on the work place. We have seen that in most of the cases direct control works the best. One thing that needs to be addressed here is that the employees should be motivated to work for the company and should be diverted from the conflicts that happen. The common thing that we see is that in case of any conflicts the management reprimands the employees and that would de motivate the employees (Brett, 1994 pg 56). Direct control is one of the best ways of managing the man power provided that the management makes use of the power in the right sense. They will have to make sure that at the time of conflicts both the parties are being heard out and a third party who is impartial to the discussion should also be there so that the decision is not based on any pre conceived notions. Another better way of managing the people is to give them the responsibility of controlling themselves with an overall control over the things. In this case the employees are made aware of what is expected out of them and they will have to take care of themselves in completing their job roles and responsibilities. This would bring in sense of belongingness for the employees and they tend to give their best shot at work. If this framework is implemented properly, this would work the best as we can see that the employees would be conscious that the onus is on them to perform for the company and the responsibility for their performance is on themselves. This would reduce the conflicts as the employees would try and find a way out of the same as their ultimate goal is to perform for the company (Raily, 2005, pg 7).Unit-2Management Assignment Help

No matter what, in a group of varied individuals from different backgrounds there has to be some conflicts otherwise they are working way too much in a pre defined fashion that shuts out any new ideas and opinions that can improve the business. Conflicts as and when they happen needs to be brought to the notice of the management and needs to be taken up immediately. The major mistake that is done by the managers is that they will not intervene when there is a conflict hoping that it will be resolved on its own. The issue with this is that this will create a divide in the team and when a team gets divided the performance levels goes down as there won’t be any co ordination between the team. Even though in some cases it gets resolved on its own, it might resurface back when the stress levels are higher or similar situation repeats. Thus it is always advisable to get deep into the issue and hear both the sides and put things to rest rather than waiting for it to get over.  The managers should have a keen eye on what is happening in the team and this is possible only if he knows each and every team member and at the same time has interactions with them on a daily basis (Davis, 2005, pg 56).

In case of any conflicts that happen in an organization people who are involved are not the ones that are affected by the same in fact it affects all others who are present in the same environment. Thus the management has to make things transparent when they resolve the conflicts and it is recommended that they document these things to make sure that there is no confusion amongst the people. If conflicts are not resolved properly that would lead to a low morale for the individuals and at the same time, they would be concerned in voicing out their opinion fearing that it would lead to further conflicts. One of the best ways to tackle the same is to have regular meets with the employees preferably in a non official environment where the management would get to know the employees better and at the same time they would also like to work with a company that cares for them. In the event of any conflict, passive aggressive behavior is something that the managers have to be wary about, this is because of the fact that these traits are not shown too often by the employees but it reflects in some of the actions that they do and hence affect the overall working environment. A good manager should know his employees personally and know how they would react in certain situations so that they can deal with such overt behaviors in the right fashion (Colvin, 2003, pg 45).

In some cases the conflicts occur because of the issues with the system and they are being blamed on the behavior of the individuals. Managers have to get to the root of the issue and check if there is an issue with the system and try to remove the pain points that are present in the system so that such issues won’t surface up later.  In some cases it might be the problem that is existent in the system more than the behavioral issues of the employees and when the manager gets down to the details of the problem and find out the pain points in the system he would be able to rectify the same and at the same time this would give them a permanent remedy for the same (Bingham, 2007, pg 27). This has to be a continuous process and cannot be a one of incident which they will have to do on a regular basis so that they can make the work place conflict free in first place. In case of any conflicts both the parties should be asked about what should be the ideal solution for a particular issue and they should be tried to fit as much as possible (Bannan, 2005, pg 34). This would also improve the whole processes and systems for the better of the company and they can save a lot of time and energy that is spent on negotiations. Some cases are there where things go out of hands for the managements and it is mandatory that the management has to take a firm stand in such cases and take decisions for the good of the organization. Manager should also take a pro active role and take up some of the responsibilities and show the employees how the work needs to be done so that the employees would follow the same (Rodwel, 2005, pg 102). Manager should also take a pro active role and take up some of the responsibilities and show the employees how the work needs to be done so that the employees would follow the same.  Employees are expected to behave in a mature fashion in any organization and they are supposed to deal with everyday work pressure and if someone is not willing to do the same, the management has to ensure that it is not repeated within the team by taking proper action.

Conflicts have to be managed in a proper manner and this would require a strong leadership from the manager who is handling the same. Sometimes these can hurt personal egos that can be bad for the company as such and hence the manager will have to handle the same in a sensible manner. He will have to consider all the factors and approach the situation with an open frame of mind without any prejudices. The style of management also varies from one organization to the other depending on how various factors are lined up. A particular style of management that works in a company may not necessarily work in any other company. The manager will have to make sure that the negative influences are not affecting the productivity of the employees and take corrective actions immediately. In an ideal case one has to identify the signs of conflicts right at the beginning and bring in the necessary changes at the beginning. To conclude we may say that it is not an action that only the top management has to take not ensure a conflict-free work place, their role is just to ensure that they put the right framework in place and expect the team to work for achieving the same.


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