TOP RATED MODERN WORLD WONDERSThe world is endowed with magnificent and beautiful monuments which have been created by God from the beginning. Man being one of the handiworks of God was awesomely created to think and reason and be able to dominate over all other creations. Filled with so much beauty, instinct and uniqueness man has been able to make a huge contribution towards the beautification of this planet. Recently many manmade edifice were tag the modern wonders of the world. These edifices are awesome and they showcase the creative ability of the man in this new generation. These top rated modern world wonders are:

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The Pyramid at Chichen Itza (Mexico): The pyramid is also known as El Castillo. This magnificent step pyramid demonstrates the precision and importance of Maya astronomy. There are 365 steps in the temple one for each day of the year. Each of the4 sides of the temple has 91 steps, and the topmost platform makes the 365th step. Formulating a 365-day calendar was one of the feats of Maya science. Amazingly, twice a year during the autumn and spring equinoxes, a shadow falls on the pyramid in the form of a serpent. As the sun sets, this snaky  shadow move downs the steps to finally join the head of a  stone serpent situated at the base of the staircase leading up to the pyramid’s side.

Christ the Redeemer Statue of Rio de Janeiro: Is located in Brazil and reaches 32 meters into the sky. It rests on Corcovado Mountain in Tijuca National Park. The statue was built from a donation by the Catholic Church and community in Brazil. The stones that built the statue were transported from Sweden. The statue earned itself a place to the top world wonders.

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The Roman Colosseum (Italy):  The colosseum is the most popular edifice in Rome and the largest Roman amphitheater in the whole world. It was believed to be a sacred place of martyrdom.

Petra (Jordan): Petra is situated in Jordan. The city has exemplary water conduit systems and stone-cut designed architecture that made it to be nicknamed as the ‘Rose City’. The Treasury is estimated to be more than two millennia old. Most carvings were destroyed by the Bedouin in the mountains during shooting practice. Petra was a Christian centre that was built between 5th and 6th AD, with over 800 tombs that were carved from sandstone. In this same City King Aretas summoned the arrest of Apostle Paul.

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Taj Mahal (India): Taj Mahal is situated in India and stands as one of the most beautiful and recognizable images of India. Its carefully curved archways and the sensitive minarets with beautiful ice cream domes at the top have led many to make pilgrimage and revel at the glamour and grandeur reflected by its beauty. The Taj Mahal changes its coloring during different times of the day, pinkish hue in the morning, milky white during the afternoon and a beautiful golden color under the moonlight. Taj Mahal took 17 years to be completed.

The Great Wall of China (China): The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made monument in the world. The most visited part of the Wall is in Badaling, very close to Beijing that was built during the Ming Dynasty. This section was the first part of the wall to be opened to tourists in 1957. The section was also visited by Nixon and was the finishing point of a cycling course in the Summer Olympics in year 2008.

 Machu Picchu (Peru): Machu Picchu is a cluster of buildings that were built with great skill in the mountain forest of Peru. The most popular way to approach it is through the Inca Trail Trek. The most expensive Bollywood film was shot there in 2010. These ruins reveal architectural wonders of the antique period.