Technology for Social Change

technology for social change

Technology simply means the utilization of scientific knowledge and resources to solve specific problems. Thus, with the help of technology, many problems of day to day life have been solved out. Technology has touched almost every aspect of our everyday life. Be it transportation (automobiles, airplanes etc), communication (radio, TV, cellular phones, computer, modems, fax machines, Smartphones, tablets etc), education (e – learning, M – learning), technology has played an important vital role in the development. A country is considered be strong on many factors, one of the most important is the technology. People have been using technology for social change over a period of time. Technology has brought out many changes in the society as well as it has helped the people to improve their living standard and many things more. The 20th century experienced a significant change in the way people interact, meet, learn, hang out, worship, travel, business etc. This is done with the help of technology, most important information technology.


It is even impossible to think about a day spending without the technology. In the age of IT, suppose a day spent without the use of Smartphones and internet. It would feel like the life has been stopped. Suppose a day without electricity, automobile. Technology has influenced and affected the daily life in such a way that it has become an integral part of the life. This integral part can’t be removed now. Technology is required almost in every work.

Technology for social change

Technology has brought the industrial revolution. It has contributed greatly to the industrialization. Without technology, it was impossible for the growth of industries. Industrialization is the backbone of any country’s economy, as it affects the nature, character and the growth of the economy. Industrialization has resulted to the urbanization. The growth of industries has given rise to the growth of cities. Urbanization has increased and improved the way of living. With the better facilities, the living standards are raised. Urbanization has given rise to the modernization.


Modernization is the way of modern living trends and values. This shows the change in the people’s eating, food habits, their dressing sense, their way of interaction with each other, their choices, preferences, ideas, values, activities, tastes etc.  Modernization highly depends on the science and technology. This has transformed the economy leading to the evolution of many new social classes. The use of technology for social change has been proved to be a boon in the social development. The global trade has been touched by technology. With the development of better means of transportation and communications, the national and international business has been increased.

Use of computer has changed the way of office working. This device found its ways in the home and the computer which was restricted within the offices is now found on study tables. Around 1990s, the whole world experienced an explosion of computer technology. This resulted in a change in how and where the people do the work. The world’s largest computer network, the Internet has revolutionized the electronic networking. Internet has its reach to everyone. It travelled from office computers to personal home computers. Now the internet travels in the pocket (Smartphones). It has provided new possibilities for electronic communications.

Gone are the days when people used to communicate through letters. As the technological inventions took place, the letters were replaced by telephones.  These communication devices brought a revolution in the communication technology. Where a letter used to consume much time, with the help of telephones, one could talk to anyone in just moments. As the technology developed more, the mobile cell phones took place of telephones. Again, these wireless devices were replaced by the Smartphones.  Internet has provided various tools and techniques with help of which now we can do the video calls, such as Skype, iChat, ooVoo, Google + Hangout, Facebook Video Chat etc. Instant messaging is also an important tool for sending instant messages from one place to another.

Recent decades have seen an important scientific revolution in the field of health and medical sciences. The Biotechnology has given a new way of living a healthy life. Genetic engineering, biomolecular engineering, biochemistry and biochemical engineering, bioengineering etc has improved the health of people. Various diseases which were incurable, now they can be treated with the help of biotechnology. For such diseases the biotechnology has given many life saving drugs. The GM food is in a process to satisfy the world hunger.

Technology for social change is still in the process of many modifications and improvement. Though the technology is good for the society, it is bad also. There has to be just limited use of technology for social change. Otherwise it can invite many threats and challenges for the humanity and the nature. Use of technology for every purpose is also not good. No doubt technology has not left any aspect of our daily life. We have Facebook, Twitter etc for communicating with each other. People no longer communicate with the real world. Children play video games on game stations consoles. They no longer take active participation in the physical games. Many people glue to computer and Smartphones for whole the day. This creates many psychological problems and health related concerns.  Technology has highly altered the ways of war. There are many destructive weapons, missiles with help of which the nature can b destroyed in just a few moments, such as the nuclear weapons. The automobiles and industries have polluted the natural resources resulting to serious threats to the coming generation. Not only the humans, but the plants and animals are also affected adversely.

So, use of technology for social change should be limited to good brains for something productive. It should be utilized for a noble cause.