Super Bowl Assignment Help

Super Bowl Assignment Help


Super Bowl Assignment HelpThis year’s Super Bowl advertisements were dominated by the automobiles featuring brands like Audi, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Jeep. The second category in the Super Bowl advertisements was beverages like Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Budweiser and Pepsi. These are the 2 segments which I have selected for this research paper and focused on the branding of the products through the commercials. The first and third quarter of the Super Bowl commercials featured mostly the automobile brands and the beverages grabbed the 2nd and fourth quarters.

I watched these commercial while watching the Super Bowl games at my home and noted the main elements of these commercials in my iPad. Later I conducted the research on the automobiles and beverages commercial on USA Today and Adage online along with YouTube. The focus of my research was branding. A brand uses the name, logo and design of the products and most of the commercials used storytelling to establish their brand value during the Super Bowl Commercials. Whenever a customer goes out to buy a new product, he always considers the brand value and brand value most of the time clouds the other features. Hence, Public Relation focuses on the branding a lot. This time, companies focused on the passive branding instead of active branding. Most of the commercials did not use the name of their products or the company but conveyed the message to the audience by involving them in the conversation behind the curtains.

Summary of Commercials

A brief summary of the Super Bowl Commercials is provided below:

Sl. No.QuestionsDescriptionAnalysis
1.Profit / Non-ProfitAll 15 commercials were used profit based organizations100%
2.Name VerbalOnly a few used the name of the company or product verbally in the commercial91.3%
3.Name TextualThe name of the products or companies was shown in the commercials100%
4.LogoAll the commercials had the logo of the company or the products100%
5.PurposeThe purpose of most of the automobiles commercials was to advertise their new features and distinguish themselves from other brands and increase their brand value. Some commercials like Jeep did not go for the feature introduction but only the brand value.

The beverages just focused on reminding the audience of their presence and focused on brand awareness.

Mountain Dew was the only beverage company which introduced a new product “KickStart” in the Super Bowl Commercial

6.WebsiteNone of the commercials out of 15 I chose displayed their website URL in the commercial0%


As mentioned before, only Mountain Dew introduced a new product during the Super Bowl “KickStart”. The creative visualization of a character – a combination of puppy, monkey and baby highlights the 3 features of the new product – Dew, Juice and Caffeine. After that the commercial goes for branding through the bottle of the new drink with its name and logo on the bottle. The next good thing in the commercial is the social media branding via hashtag #PUPPYMONKEY BABY.

When it comes to the automobiles commercials, they focused a lot on the branding by flashing their logos in the advertisements. Hyundai displays its logo along with the official logo of NFL to promote the brand and also uses hashtag #HyundaiSuperBowl. The feature “Car Finder” is also shown through a watch like tracker. Overall, Hyundai introduced a new feature while promoting its brand.

Next is the Audi R 8 Commander commercial where the company has used a story of an astronaut who has lost his will to live as he remembers the glorious days of his youth when he traveled space and reached moon. Here Audi R 8 commercial shows how Audi R 8 gives a reason to live to the commander which touches the heart of the people. The commercial shows the logo of Audi many times and also the name of the car R 8 at the back. The commercial also ends with the Logo and Name of the company promoting the brand value.


The Super Bowl commercials show the latest trend in the advertisement industry. One of the big differences which I noticed during the research is that nowadays companied so not focus much on naming the brand. Almost all the commercials has left out the verbal announcement of the names and relied heavily on the branding of the products through storytelling and visualization. On the other hand, showing the logo of the company is still widely used when it comes to the branding. All the commercials whether they belong to the automobiles or beverages, the logo of the brand remain the main focus during the advertisement. Top ranked Super Bowl commercials like Audi R 8 Commander, Hyundai First date and Coca Cola have emphasized a lot on the branding through logo.

Along with the logo textual name of the company and product is also used in all the commercials for the purpose of branding. The textual representation of the names helps the companies to leave a mark on the memory of the audience as anything which we see is more memorable then the things we hear.

The next thing which was the point of discussion in the Super Bowl Commercials was the use of animals. Honda used a dog and a herd of sheep while Mountain Dew used Puppy / monkey in order to engage the audience with the commercials. Another trend I saw in the Super Bowl Commercials is the complete absence of the website address in the advertisements, instead social media such as Facebook and Twitter handles were used. This shows a shift in the advertisement industry. Big brands are nowadays relying more on the brand building through social media instead of the websites. The main reason is that a used has to specifically go to the website of a company while he could come across the company logo and name during his daily routine browsing of the social media. Hence, most of the commercials focused more on the social media for branding.


There was a tough competition during the Super Bowl Commercial and every company tried something different for the branding of their products. While most of the automobile brands displayed the new features in the automobiles, few introduced the new products in beverage category. The attempt made by Mountain Dew with its puppy monkey baby did not help much in creating a brand value for the company as the commercial was not successful in relating the name of the product “KickStart” with its theme. I think automobile industry was more successful in the branding during the Super Bowl Commercials as compared to the others. The main reason behind the success is that these automobile commercials used storytelling, narrations and touched the heart of the audience. The first date commercial by Hyundai and Audi R 8 Commander commercial were appreciated a lot by the people because of the manner in which they put human emotions. Same is the story with Jeep Portrait when it told the brand value of the company from the perspective of the automobile itself. Companies also tried to engage the audience on the social media as many of the commercials displayed their social media symbols such as #HyundaiSuperBowl, #PUPPYMONKEYBABY and #pepsihalftime. Social media has become an essential element of the branding these days and every company is focusing a lot on the social media branding.

All the commercials used logo and name for the branding and not much attention is paid in the verbal announcements of the brands as the visualization and cinematography did not leave any room for that. The visualization and cinematography itself conveyed the message to the audience. But there were some commercials like Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby which I did not feel had the quality to be aired during a prestigious Super Bowl Commercial. Companies need to focus more on building an emotional bond with the audience as did by Hyundai, Jeep and Audi. The duration of the commercials is decreasing because of the increasing price and it is essential that the companies use their precious 30 seconds to leave a strong mark on the audience.