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DissertationA dissertation is lengthy, formal document that argues in defence of a thesis. Dissertation is an extended essay on a specific subject, especially which is written for a university degree or diploma. It is used as a form of assessment differs from other module assessment.

A dissertation must be original and substantial and it


should highlight original contributions.

It always starts with a hypothesis and then collects evidences to support it or deny it. Writing a dissertation is organizing evidences and associated discussions in a coherent form. The critical thinking not experimental data is what makes it unique and essential.

Why Writing A Dissertation Is considered Extremely Difficult

Unique is not the only word which defines a dissertation, there is a lot more to it.

  • A dissertation never ever repeats the details of critical thinking and analysis which is already published in any source. After providing results as facts, it refers the readers to the original source for further information.
  • Each and every word must convey the exactly intended meaning. Every sentence must be grammatically correct and must be complete.
  • A dissertation must fulfill the most strict rules of formal grammar, i.e there is no scope at all for colloquial language, slurs, contractions, slang, undefined jargon etc.
  • A sentence may seem absolutely fine and correct while using in our everyday conversation, but it can not be appropriate from a dissertation point of view.

The Proposal Structure Of A Dissertation

The first step in writing a dissertation is to determine a suitable title. You should start thinking early, it should revolve around a certain question instead of just a simple, plain one.

It doesn't end here, you have to convince the concerned faculty that why your idea is worth pursuing.


Outline the structure of your work briefly and importance of your work.


In this section, you need to summarize the whole discussion in one paragraph. It should be crisp and to the point.


It is reserved for expressing the gratitude towards anyone who has helped you or contributed to the dissertation in any way.

Table of Contents

Here, all the chapters, sections and sub-sections with the respective page numbers.

Table Of Figures

Add it if it is appropriate

Main Body

Put everything in a well structured manner; all the facts, analysis, evaluation, and discussions are to be mentioned here.


Answer the central question in this section and make recommendations and suggestions. All the findings are brought together here.


Enlist all of your sources with correct formatting.


Anything that is too large to include in the main body of the dissertation and not directly relevant to the topic can be added in appendices section.

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