Proposal Document

Proposal Document


The main aim of designing and development of an e-GYM solution is to automate the routine of a GYM member. Once this app is ready, a GYM member need not to carry hard copy of his daily workout when he/she hits the GYM. Thisproject will be developed on Android Platform (GYM Member App) by using SQLite database.

The e-GYM is an Android application which enable GYM member to carry their workout and diet plans in their mobile. There is no need to carry hard copy of Workout Plans or Diet Plans all the time.  GYM member can view the details of workout plans assigned to him/her.
Key Features
Key Features of the proposed system will be:

  • Digitization of Workout plans
  • Digitization of Diet plans
  • Customized diet plans for each week
  • Customized workout plans for each week
  • History availability for Workout and Diet Plans
  • Image upload feature for Gym Members once in 15 (fifteen) days
  • GPS enabled searching of available Trainers in nearby Locality


It is a troublesome task to maintain hard copy of Workout and Diet plan. Usually paper of diet plan/workout plan gets misplaced. But if one is equipped with a Mobile App, there is no need to worry about all such issues.

System Structures

System Interface:

Android Application will access data from SQLite database.

User Interface:

This Android Application will be accessible on Android Phones.
Project Plan

118th Feb 2016Project proposal
221st Feb 2016 Database design
328th Mar 2016Android Interface Design (layouts)
405th Mar 2016System Readiness
507th Mar 2016Test Case Preparation and Execution
610th Mar 2016Bug Fixing (If Any) and Ready to Release


Development of e-GYM will help me learn Android Development in details along java with key development skills such as SQLite, XML etc. This will also help me to enhance my knowledge in DB designing.