Production Regression Model

Production Regression Model

images 9In this report we will be studying and evaluating various aspects of a small business development or economic improvement at a particular location. For this report the location which is chosen is country of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh a world renowned professor of economics has worked on improving the financial health of poor people by developing a revolutionary concept. He has been awarded with Nobel Prize in year 2006. This initiative of his is known as Grameen bank which is a banking organization and it specializes in providing micro finance for development of small to medium scale business. These microfinance schemes are focusing on poor people who are not able to provide any collateral for their loans. Because of lack of collaterals these people are not able to gain access to conventional loan systems and banks which limits their growth and expansion. Prof. Yunus who was a professor of economics in Chittagong university identified this wide gap prevailing in the country and observed that these people need a very small amount of loan which if provided to them will dramatically improve their well being. He also argued that even though lack of collateral might pose some amount of risk for repayment but majority of customers are honest and repays their loan timely and even some people are not able to pay them the amount of losses is much lesser than what government spends in the name of rural uplifting and poverty eradication program.

In this report we will be addressing three major points regarding business development and services offered by the business which is taken as an example. These points are

  1. What are the services offered?
  2. Is there some new way the services could be offered, new populations that could be targeted, or new services that could be developed?
  3. What do you believe is the optimal qualifications for professional staff at small business development centers should be?

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