Marketing Assignment Help Manufacturing

Marketing Assignment Help  Manufacturing

Marketing Assignment Help ManufacturingManufacturing refers to the process of producing a commodity or service by using manpower/labor and machines. The process can involve any number of activities depending upon the product or service intended to be produced. The end product of the manufacturing process may further be used to manufacture other more elaborate or complex products. For example – a paint manufacturer produces different colors of paint, these are then used by home designers, painters etc. to produce painted walls or works of art. Similarly an automobile parts manufacturer uses iron and other metals or alloys to produce machine parts which are then used in producing more complex machinery.

Manufacturing activities of any organization depend upon the economic system within which they function. In a the state and are provided to consumers at government affixed prices. The agenda here may or may not be to earn profit, depending upon the intent and funding of the manufacturer. Manufacturing is considered a wealth producing activity while service provision is considered a wealth consuming activity although both

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lead to the creation of an entity of some value. In the modern world manufacturing requires specialized skills which come under the ambit of manufacturing process management. Numerous processes fall under the heading of manufacturing process management and are distinguished according to the manufacturing sector that they are concerned with.

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