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This is a solution of Managing Across Borders Assignment Help in which we discuss business management of the organization.

In this specific study, the cross border business management of the organization TCS will be discussed in the details. Additionally the similarities and the differences of the cross borders operation and the national operation will also be described accordingly. The necessary skill sets of the managers in the cross border activities of the organization will also be described in details. The challenges associated with the international business operation along with the different legislative stringency will also be considered as the germane aspect of the discussion in this specific business report. In the concluding section of the study the chief points of the entire discussion will be summarized in order to draw the appropriate conclusion regarding the issue of the cross border operation of the international businesses.


As far as the views of Bartlett, (2011) are concerned, the international business operation is fraught with risks from different dimensions along with the chances of the success factors which can augment the organization with enormous growth and the stability. Besides this the international operation of the organizations in the business related aspects also provides the opportunity to build the proper brand name of  the organization in the global market, which have quite great impact on the local, regional and the international market as well. In this case, of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the organization has their international operation in the several other countries apart from India. Hence, the managers of the organization are also required to have that much excellence and capabilities to handle and operate the international business with efficiency. There are several aspects like the varying cultures, different working environment, completely different sentiments of the workers in different geographic locations etc. The mangers are required to take care of the entire factors in order to run the business successfully. Additionally Verbeke, (2013) added that, TCS has the reputation as the employee friendly organization in the worldwide scenario. Thus, the operational excellence of the managers of the TCS can be comprehended accordingly.

In order to discuss about the cross national similarities and the dissimilarities in the operational practices from the management perspective some facts of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are required to be discussed in depth. TCS always follow the rules of 30% in the employment process of the international operations, as described by Fournier & Mendling, (2015). The organization always employs 30% of the lead management staffs from their mother organization from India, and apart from that, the other 70% of the employees are selected from the local location of the business operation. For example, after 2005 when the organization started to acquire a range of the global organization worldwide, the organization started to follow the rule of 30%. In the Australia operation, the organization employed more than 75% of the local employees of the Australia in the business. In contrast Deresky, (2010) opined that, the organization could have saved considerable amount of dollars if the skilled peoples from India would have been employed overseas. However, in order to help the Australian economy with a purpose of the sustainable business development, TCS had taken steps of the local employment policies. As far as the unemployment data of Australia is concerned according to the Phillips curve the rate of the unemployment has been brought down to the level of 5.1% in 2006, in which TCS solely has contributed 0.28% as the foreign organization, as mentioned by Dinnie, (2015). Hence, it can be mentioned that the employment policies of the TCS in the foreign countries are mostly similar. On the other hand, the prime dissimilarities are the provision modification power in the intra organizational operation are provided to the National managers of the country. The international managers are independent but need to clarify and required to give their proper explanations for implementation of the strategic movement in the organization overseas. As per the views of Dunning, (2014), this have might be introduced to prevent the total decentralization of the power in the organization, as the company TCS generally does not follow the subsidiary business in the overseas location. TCS owns the business and run it efficiently by their superior management skills.

However, this training cost the organization almost USD $1 million worldwide. After the training session within the next 2 years period, the organization experienced a growth the human resource development and the overall employee retention margin increased by 3.83% in comparison with the previous five years span.  For example, the laid-back working pattern of Australia is quite different from the high involvement working structure of UK. Thus, in order to develop the skills sets the organization TCS has taken different approaches as well, as described by Wild et al., (2014). The Australian working culture is more innovation based than the disciplined UK working force. Thus, the managers of the organization TCS has given proper effort to nurture the existing skills of the employees in different geographic location, rather than imposing the disciplinary action on the employees as universal standards. As described by Verbeke, (2013), in order to extend the future business of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in China, the organization will have to remain more concerned regarding the cultural stringencies. Thus, it can be mentioned that the organization TCS has reflected properly upon the aspects of the training requirement of their managers in order help them emerge as the global business leaders. This approach has helped them to lead the business to a completely new height while remaining concerned about the cultural differences of the different countries.

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