Leadership cheapassignment help

Leadership cheapassignment help

  1. Discuss the way that leadership has changed within the context of a globalized environment, over time.

Leadership cheapassignmnet helpYukl (2002) defined leadership as the process of making people understand what should be done, how to do it effectively as well as facilitating their efforts with the view of achieving shared objectives. In most cases, leadership is often confused with management. Though there is a thin line between the two, leadership involves establishing direction, aligning people, as well as motivating and inspiring them with an aim of effecting a change, whereas management is concerned with planning and budgeting, organizing, controlling and problem solving in a much more predictable or orderly manner (Bratton, Nelson, & Grint, 2005).

However, Bratton, Nelson, & Grint (2005) noted that in an organizational setting, the two cannot be separated. Instead, management and leadership compliment each other, with their interaction being influenced by an employee’s role in the management hierarchy, their ability as well as their bias towards each sub process. According to Bratton, Nelson, & Grint (2005) leadership is one of the most studied topics, mostly due to the assumption that the actions that leaders make, their influence, as well as their personal qualities are of great importance in shaping societal events.

With this intense research, varying views regarding leadership have emerged. While some researchers argue that leadership is vital for an organization’s growth, there exists a group of researchers who believe that leadership has no effect on an organization’s growth. According to them, growth is driven by employees’ efforts and occurs as long as these employees have the right facilitation to do their work. This thought is informed by the fact that an organization’s performance can still dip even without a change in leadership. Interestingly, continued poor organization performance creates a need for a change in leadership. Another differing opinion is that on leadership behaviors. While some researchers believe that leadership is universal, where a leader can fit in any given situation, others believe that leaders have differing qualities and each leader is best suited to particular organizations (Landrum, Howell, & Paris, 2000).

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