Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Assignment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Assignment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking AssignmentSocial networking is considered to be the hottest online trend in the past decade. It has come out to be an integral part in career building-if used correctly. We have also witnessed the exploded use of social media and networking in career development through development of smart phones and other mobile technologies that have made social media a daily routine for many people. It has also an added advantage where it increases the potential of identifying and securing of employment. Therefore, in this paper we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social networking in career development.

Advantages of Social Networking

Social networking offers many benefits in carrier development. For instance, it has now become easy to keep contact with friends and colleagues (Elleithy, 2010). Looking the example of a professional networking site such as LinkedIn, itgives users access to business people who are known to their contacts. Therefore, they are able to connect with other business professions by looking at their credentials and business interest. Hence, the connectivity to other business professions by this site boosts your career development, since one is able to link with the professions who serve as mentors.

Social networking is also a vital tool for entrepreneurs. For instance, freelance find contacts via professional groups on LinkedIn and twitter, through these professions are able to market their product and services (Elleithy, 2010). Looking at social media such as face book they offer a wide range of services that is marketing and ability to precisely advertise their services is normally aimed at helping individuals build their careers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking AssignmentWe can also state that LinkedIn serves as a business toll for over 200 million people. Therefore, most individuals design their online resume, detailing their education, career history and creative portfolio. Hence, such a platform tends to encourage users to connect with individuals working in their line of career. Hence, they are able to effectively endorse and build their careers through this platform of social networking.

Social networking is also advantageous for career development since it carries the potential of job search, where by one is able to know leads that wouldn’t be known of otherwise.  Therefore, we can state that it has triggered development of careers since it is geared for professional networking, and for obvious reasons it tends to have the best job leads. However, following of a company’s pages and accounts on social media platforms, one may come across job posting that serves as a perfect fit. Hence, (Elleithy, 2010) encourages people to join group related to their career on social networks, so as to develop themselves.

Disadvantages of Social Networking

The main disadvantage experienced with social networking is that most individuals fail to understand the meaning of networking effectively. Hence, the few benefits they achieve from their networking activities aren’t worth the time invested (In Isaias&InKommers, 2016). Therefore, it tends to lower the potential they have one developing their careers. Thus, the best method to be used so as to avoid being disappointed is by strategically using social sites and stick to it.For instance, if you use your twitter handle for career development, then resist the temptation of wasting time tweeting unrelated topics. Stay focused on the achievement you want and don’t be distracted.

The golden rule pertained to social networking is avoid putting anything that lowers the reputation on your career(In Isaias&InKommers, 2016). For instance, pictures of you acting unprofessionally could harm you on the chances of getting a job, or make poor impression on a new client. Hence, it degrades the levels of your career development. Therefore, to avoid such a situation it is always advisable to create another account using a nickname, so as to keep the professional account clean.


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